Dish Machine Table Accessories

Upgrade the table with these accessories specially made for all ADS dish machines.

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dish machine rack wall shelf mount

Soil Table Rack Slide – Stainless Steel
Item Number: 099-8019

Soil Table Scrap Basket with Rack Slide
Item Number: 099-8022

Soil Table BP Package – T&S Pre-Rinse with Scrap Basket
Item Number: 099-8023

Soil Table P Package – T&S Pre-Rinse with Rack Slide
Item Number: 099-8029

Pre-Rinse, Complete (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4001

Dish Table – 42″ Undershelf
Item Number: 099-8033

Dish Table – 22″ Undershelf
Item Number: 099-8036

Soil Table – Lever Drains
Item Number: 099-8043

Rack Shelves

Rack Shelf – 22″ – Wall Mount
(Holds One Rack)
Item Number: 099-8016

Rack Shelf – 42″ – Wall Mount
(Holds Two Racks)
Item Number: 099-8017

Rack Shelf – 63″ – Wall Mount
(Holds Three Racks)
Item Number: 099-8018

Customize Your Kitchen with Dish Machine Table Accessories

Give your dish machine an upgrade and become more efficient.

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