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American Dish Service
900 Blake Street, Edwardsville, KS 66111-3820

Phone: 913-422-3700
Toll Free: 800-922-2178
Fax: 913-422-6630

Why work at ADS?

“Although I’m only in my second year at American Dish Service, I had many customers that swore by the dishwashers we manufacture. In my previous work life, the technicians and salespeople I managed preferred ADS machines in most every instance. American Dish Service machines were easy to use, dependable, easily repaired with common parts and they always delivered a clean dish.

Now that I work here, I see why. We are a team that is dedicated to manufacturing the best, most dependable dishwashers out there. Our commitment to quality and the success of our dealers as well as the facilities that use them, is our main purpose for doing what we do.”

Glenn McCorkel | Sales Rep & Tech Support at American Dish Service