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Explore our range of commercial dish machines, ideal for your customers in restaurants, hospitality and industry.



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“…simply the best at what they do”

“Many years ago, while working in another industry, we had customers that graded vendors relative to each other at the end of each year. So, when I purchased Summit Supply in 2005, we carried that practice forward. This practice is simply an effort to identify our company’s most valued vendors & suppliers. To be successful in business, it is critical to have this understanding. Every year since 2005, American Dish Service has earned our highest grade. They are simply the best at what they do, and they are simply our most important vendor. I can’t think of any higher praise.”

Tom Kunysz | Owner of Summit Supply

Designed and Built to Wash Wares Well

Point Q&A Testing Procedure

Custom Options

Racks Per Hour

Easy-to-Repair—with Infinite Call-a-Friend Options

While we design our commercial dish machines for easy maintenance and repair, it’s good to know you always have a team behind the machine.

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Engineered to Simply Work

Our commercial dish machines don’t include billions of useless features or gadgets.  We use interchangeable parts, refined processes  and  tried-and-true engineering know-how to Simply – get dishware clean!

When we first started manufacturing dish machines, we chose to focus on building capable, durable dish machines to sanitize and clean wares.

That’s it. And no matter where we go next, our commitment to that quality will never waiver.

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Purpose-Built Customizable Commercial Dish Machines

1200+ custom combinations meet almost any commercial dish machine need.

Clean & sanitize plateware in a high-volume kitchen. Wash champagne glasses during a banquet hall celebration. Rinse racks in an industrial-size manufacturing plant.

No matter the job, our commercial dish machines get it done right.

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Industry-Specific Use Cases

Your customers work in restaurants, hospitality, and industry jobs — and our commercial dish machines work right alongside them.

Interchangeable Parts

Carry fewer parts on every trip out to a customer, while having flexible options for replacing and repairing on the go.

Choose Commercial Dish Machines That Have Been Through the Ringer

QC testing plays an integral role in our engineering process.

Before a commercial dish machine heads off to you or your customer’s location, it goes through rigorous testing.

Choose Durable Commercial Dish Machines for Your Customers

Stock your storeroom and customer’s facilities with the best commercial dish machines the market has to offer.

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