HUB-40 Dish Machine

An undercounter high temperature dishwashing machine with built-in booster heater.

Ideal for compact kitchen and bar spaces, our HUB-40 undercounter dish machine can wash up to 40 racks an hour.  Usually used in the front of the house, the Hub is quiet and delivers great results.

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Standard Features

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • “Extenda-Cycle” – extends the cycle time to ensure 180°F/82°C final rinse
  • Universal power 208-240 volt and/or single to three phase field convertable
  • Smooth start for protection from breakage
  • Built-in booster for 180°F/82°C final rinse water (standard 70°F/39°C rise)
  • Detergent and rinse aid pumps accompanied by priming switches
  • Noise-reducing double wall design
  • Interchangeable Stainless steel wash / rinse arms
  • Ease of use controls
  • Complete cycle time 90 seconds
  • De-lime capability
  • 1 HP motor with pump drain




At 140°F incoming water
Cycle time (seconds): 90
Racks per hr: 40

Motor Horsepower

Wash: 1

Water Consumption

U.S. Gal./Imperial Gal. (Max. use) per hr: 23.4/19.2
U.S. Gal./Imperial Gal. per rack: 0.78/0.64


Wash: 150°F / 66°C
Rinse: 180°F / 82°C


Tank heat, electric, kW: 2.0
Electric booster (kW) (required for 70°F/39°C rise):  6
Electric booster (kW): 9

Time Cycle

Wash: 70 seconds
Rinse: 14 seconds
Total cycle: 90 seconds

Rack Complement

Standard 20″ x 20″ [508 x 508]
Dish: 1
Open: 1




  • 208-240/60/1; 3 wire plus ground, (See Box).
  • 208-240/60/3; 4 wire plus ground, (See Box).
  • Field convertible to accept 3 phase power, see service manual for details

Hot Water

  • 1/2″ supply; 110°F/43°C Min. hot water connection for 70°F/39°C rise booster.
  • Incoming supply pressure must maintain a Flow pressure of 20-22 PSI.
  • Machine equipped with 3/4″ [19] hose connector.

Pumped Drain

  • 5/8″ [15.9] I.D. flexible reinforced hose, 6 ft. [1829] long.
  • Maximum drain flow 15 US gpm. [12.5 imp gal]
  • Max. drain height 3 ft. [914]

6kW HUB-40 with 70°F/39°C Booster Rise

Elec. Specs Rated Amps Minimum Supply Ckt. Conductor Ampacity Maximum Overcurrent Protective Device
208/60/1 32 40 40
208/60/1 36 40 40
208/60/3 22 30 30
208/60/3 24 40 30

electrical connections

Electrical supply service must be a 3-wire plus ground for connection shown.

Warning: Plumbing and electrical connections should be made by qualified personnel who will observe all the applicable plumbing, sanitary and safety codes and the National Electrical Code. Also, due to an ongoing value analysis program, specifications contained in this catalog are subject to change without notice.



Volume crated: 15 cu. ft./0.42 cu.m
Shipping weight crated: 215 lbs./97.5 kg.

Dimensions on these images is shown in inches and [millimeters]

hub-40 dimensions front view

Front View

hub-40 dimensions side view

Side View

hub-40 dimensions plan view

Plan View


Options & Accessories

  • 48″ Right Hand Dish Table with Sink* – Ask for part #099-8020
  • 48″ Left Hand Dish Table with Sink* – Ask for part #099-8021
  • 17″ Stand Stainless Steel
  • Leg Stand (8″)
  • 3 Phase Connection (prewired at factory)
  • 1″ Caster Kit
  • Power Cord kit

*Not available with 17″ Stand / 8″ leg stand or casters

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