High capacity dishwashing machine with a self-purging stage conveyor.

Save time and energy with our ADC-44 conveyor dish machine that’s jammed with the essentials you need to operate efficiently. Its unrivaled cleaning ability can process 244 racks per hour and uses as little as .49 gallons per load.

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Standard Features

All these features are Standard on the ADC-44. While other manufacturers may offer these same features as Add-Ons”… at American Dish our machines are complete and ready to run.

  • 244 racks per hour
  • Operates only when racks are inserted
  • Unrivaled cleaning ability
  • Dual rinsing system
  • User friendly conveyor
  • Low Water Consumption – Uses as little as .49 gallons per load
  • Auto Fill
  • No Operator Controls
  • Energy Saving Stage Washer
  • No Circuit Boards
  • Quiet Operation
  • Rack Saving Conveyor Drive
  • 360 Sq. in. of Washing Action
  • Auto Cut-Off
  • High Capacity Heaters
  • Self-Purging
  • Wide Opening Access Doors with Safety Interlock
  • 11 Gallon Wash Tank
  • 3 HP Wash Pump
  • Skirted Motor Compartment
  • Heavy Stainless Steel Construction
  • Water Curtain Rinseability
    • Activates prior to final rinse
    • Initiates the rinsing process and acts as a shield
  • Captive end caps
    • Flips open, snaps shut
    • Quick fast clearing of spray arms
    • Shortens the cleaning process & eliminates down time
  • Drain Pump Filter
    • 2 stage pump strainer
    • Eliminates wash pump obstructions and clogged jets
    • Funtions as drains stopper
  • Dual-Fail Safe Heater Control
    • Precise water control mechanism
    • Only allows heaters to operate when tank is full
    • Unaffected by heavy soil, water action, strong chemicals and lime build up
  • Fail-Safe Conveyor System
    • Slip clutch design – stops rack movement
    • Once removed, operation easily resumes
    • Eliminates damaged racks




NSF Rated Capacity: 244 rack/hour
Conveyor Speed: 6.8 ft/min

Motor Horsepower

Wash: 3 horsepower
Rinse: 1/3 horsepower
Conveyor: 1/3 horsepower

Water Consumption

Gal per rack: .49 gpr or 1.8 liters


ADC-44 Hot Temp Model Wash: 160°F 

ADC-44 Chemical Model Wash: 120°F

ADC-44 Hot Temp Rinse: 180 F

ADC-44 Chemical Rinse: 120 F



Wash: 12 kW
Rinse: 2.25 kW


ADC-66 Hot Temp Model: 180 Water
ADC-66 Chemical Model: 50ppm Chlorine


Utilities & Other Notes

Power Supply

208/240V, 3 PH, 60 AMP, 60 HZ
3 Phase installation requires 6 gauge wires, a suitable ground, and a clean 60 amp circuit.

1 PH, 50/60 AMP, 60 HZ
1 Phase installation requires one (1) 50 Amp service using 8 gauge wires with a 10 gauge neutral wire, and one (1) 60 Amp service using 6 gauge wires and a suitable ground, both on clean circuits.

Other Notes

  • Both clean and soiled tables are to be bolted to the dishmachine with the 1/4-20×1/2″ bolts and nuts provided.
  • Leaks cause potential problems in electrical and mechanical areas under the machine.
  • Quick drains (table scuppers) are not compatible with stage type conveyor dishmachines.
  • Scrap sinks shall be no closer than 20″ minimum from the dishmachine end of table.
  • The clean exit table should be at least 72″ straight for efficient conveyor operation.
  • Electrical and plumbing connects should be made by a qualified service person who will comply with all appropriate state and local health, electrical, plumbing, and safety codes.

*Manufacturer reserves the right to modify these specifications in compliance with regulatory agencies and manufacturing expediency.




Options & Accessories

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