HT-25 Upright Dish Machine

High or low temp washer/sanitizer featuring a powerful 3 HP pump.

 Increase your warewashing capacity without expanding your kitchen with the HT-25. Use 33% less chemical, utilities, and water without compromising on clean, sanitary ware.

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Standard Features

  • Equipped with a 60 second time cycle
  • Patented self cleaning spray system
  • Auto fill and auto shut off (standard equipment)
  • Two stage SS drain filter – eliminates clogged pumps
  • 3 HP wash pump
  • ADS patented low-water protection
  • Patented captive spray arm end caps – no parts to lose
  • 18” door opening
  • Configured for corner or inline – installs without conversion
  • No troublesome circuit boards – prevents down time
  • Powerful 3 HP pump – scrubs away what others leave behind!
  • Low water usage only .85 gal. per load!
  • Approved Dual Sanitizer Same machine serves as either high or low temp.
  • Versatile door design – installs corner or straight



Rated Capacities

55 racks per hour (NSF rated)

Motor Horsepower

3 HP

Water Consumption

0.85 gallons per rack
3.593 liters per rack

Wash Heater

8 KW


Wash HT: 160 degrees F  LT: 120 F
Rinse HT: 180 degrees F  LT: 120 F



Electrical Requirements

3-PH, 208/240V, 40A, 60 Hz: 4-Wire Connection, Three #8 Wires, Ground, 40A Breaker
SINGLE PH, 208/240V, 90A, 60 Hz: Dual Circuit: 30A Breaker, 60A Breaker, Nuetral & Ground Wires
COMBO OPTION: HT-25/34 W/Attached 12 kw Booster (3ph Only): 4-Wire Connection, Three #8 Wires, Ground, 50A Breaker, Single-Point Connection Of Both The D/M & Booster

NOTE: For high temp sanitation, a separate booster is required for this model.

Warning: Plumbing and electrical connections should be made by qualified personnel who will observe all the applicable plumbing, sanitary and safety codes and the National Electrical Code. Also, due to an ongoing value analysis program, specifications contained in this catalog are subject to change without notice.

*Manufacturer reserves the right to modify these specifications in compliance with regulatory agencies and manufacturing expediency.




Options & Accessories

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