ET-AF Pumped Drain & Heat Dish Machine

A reliable undercounter available with a pumped drain and tank heat.

The economically designed ET-AF machine (ET-AF-3 / ET-AF-M) features pumped drain, heat, and dual screening to protect wash and drain pumps from debris. For restaurants, bars, and fast food operations this machine is tough to beat.

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ET-AF Pumped

Standard Features

  • 1 1/2 HP Wash and Rinse Pump Prime Switches
  • Automatic Chemical Feed
  • 90 Second Complete Time Cycle
  • Hinged Mounted Panel for Easy Service Access
  • Ergonomic Design – Allows operators to load and unload with ease. The short door construction (10″) keeps the aisle open and clear.
  • Optional Heat – Maintains tank temperature rack after rack
  • Screens – Dual screening protects both wash & drain pumps from debris.
  • Pumped Drain – Allows installation in almost all applications.
  • The Dishmachine of choice when space is a concern.

ET-AF Pumped



30, 24 or 20 racks per hour


Motor Horsepower

Motor Rating (Pump): 1.5 HP
Drain Motor Rating: 1/6 HP

Water Usage

1.7 Gal’s Per Cycle or 6.4 Lit’s Per Cycle


120 F Min. or 49 C Min.


Sustainer Heater:  500 watt

Available Cycle Times

90, 120 or 150 second cycle

ET-AF Pumped


Electrical Ratings (NEC)

  • 115 Vac
  • 20amp brkr
  • 50/60Hz
  • 1 Phase
  • Connect to supply source using (2) 10-12 AWG copper wires and a suitable ground, using non-time delay fuse of 20 amp rating or 20 amp circuit breaker.


Warning: Plumbing and electrical connections should be made by qualified personnel who will observe all the applicable plumbing, sanitary and safety codes and the National Electrical Code. Also, due to an ongoing value analysis program, specifications contained in this catalog are subject to change without notice.

*Manufacturer reserves the right to modify these specifications in compliance with regulatory agencies and manufacturing expediency.

ET-AF Pumped


ET-AF Pumped

Options & Accessories

  • Operate a free standing complete warewashing center in only 48″ of space. To do this, combine our ET-AF Undercounter with our stainless steel table package.
  • Add a wall rack to take advantage of small spaces and storage.

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