AF/AFC-3D-S Upright Dish Machine

The Serviceable Machine, saves time and money by reducing hand washing.

Great for pizza restaurants, larger door openings wash larger ware.

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Standard Features

  • Convertible design
  • Great door clearance 20.5”
  • Quick service 1 1/2 HP pump
  • Quick release spray arms
  • Stainless steel air gap
  • Run indicator light
  • Simple to clean
  • Available with solid chemical dispensing
  • Air Gap Fill – Eliminates the need for check valves and vacuum breakers.
  • 20.5” Door Clearance – Perfect for pizza applications.
  • Diagonal Scrap Trap – Provides easy screen removal in both corner and pass- through models
  • Swift Plumbing Removal – All plumbing is connected using zero-interference Stainless/Terelene Couplers.
  • Quick Service Pump – Pump slides forward providing for easier repair.
  • Dual Screens – Protect intake of pump.
  • Additional Options – Also available with solid chemical dispensing
  • Stainless Steel Spray Bases, Bayonets and Manifold Couplings – Allows for quick release spray arm removal for ease of cleaning
  • AFC-3D-S – Corner outside sump with built-in scrap accumulator
  • AF-3D-S – Pass-thru outside sump with built-in scrap accumulator




Rated Capacity: 37 racks/hour


1.5 HP

Water Consumption

2.2 gallons per cycle or 8.3 liters per cycle

Water Temperatures (Supply)

120 F Min or 49 C Min

Available Cycle Times

90, 120 and 150 second cycles



Electrical Ratings

  • 115 Volts
  • Single Phase

Connect to Supply Source using (2) 10-12 AWG copper wires and a suitable ground. Circuit Protection: 20 AMP. Circuit Breaker or Fuse with a 20 AMP rating.

Caution: Electrical and Plumbing connections must be made by a qualified Service Person who will assure that the installation is in compliance with all available federal, state, and local Health, Electrical, Plumbing, and Safety codes.

*Manufacturer reserves the right to modify specifications in compliance with regulatory agencies and manufacturing expediency.




Options & Accessories

  • List coming soon!


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