Pre-Rinse Options

Since sparkling results help protect your brand, it’s important that proper dish handling procedures are followed.  Pre-rinsing soiled ware is where you start.

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Dish Machine Table

Pre-Rinse, Complete (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4001

Pre-Rinse, 12″ Add-A-Faucet (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4043

Pre-Rinse, Sink Faucet with 14″ Swing (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4047

Pre-Rinse, Faucet 4″ Center (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4002

Pre-Rinse, 6″ Add-A-Faucet (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4003

Dish Machine Table

Pre-Rinse, Hose Hook (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4010

Pre-Rinse, Hose Handle (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4006

Pre-Rinse, Spray Valve (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4005

Pre-Rinse, Hose & Spray Assembly (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4004

Pre-Rinse, 44″ Hose & Handle (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4018

Pre-Rinse, Spring Body Adapter (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4011

Pre-Rinse Sub-Assembly, No Faucet (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4013

Pre-Rinse, Kit, Squeeze Valve (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4014

Pre-Rinse, Adapter Fisher to T&S (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4016

Pre-Rinse, 44″ Hose (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4007

Pre-Rinse, Spring Goose Neck (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4044

Pre-Rinse, Spray Face (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4038

Pre-Rinse, Brush Attachment (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4039

Pre-Rinse, Wall Bracket (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4045

Pre-Rinse, Handle SQ. Valve (T&S)
Item 099-4041

Pre-Rinse, Spray Head Bumper (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4040

Pre-Rinse, Faucet Supply Nipple with Washer (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4020

Dish Machine Table

Pre-Rinse, 24″ Riser Pipe (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4012

Pre-Rinse, Bonnet Assembly Complete (T&S)
Item Number: 099-4042

Add A Dish Machine Pre-Rinse Option

Upgrade your dish machine a pre-rinse.

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